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The Center for Peace and Security Studies (cPASS) supports and monitors funded research, graduate training, and campus outreach at UCSD in the subject of peace and international security.

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“U.S. Military Should Not Be in My Backyard: A Case of Okinawa”

Please join The Pacific International Politics Conference (PIPC) on their ZOOM online speaker series with a presentation by Atsushi Tago (Waseda University), Yusaku Horiuchi (Dartmouth College) and Takako Hikotani (Columbia University).

Date and Time:

June 17th, 6 pm (PST)

June 17th, 8 pm (CDT) 

June 18th, 11 am (Australia, Canberra)

June 18th, 10 am (Japan)

June 18th, 9 am (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan)

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cPASS Publications

Journal of Conflict Resolution

May 4, 2021

Rex Douglass, Thomas Scherer & Erik Gartzke

Erik Gartzke

September 2020

Erik Gartzke and Patrick Hulme: The Tyranny of Distance: Assessing and Explaining the Apparent Decline in U.S. Military Performance

Sea Power on Politics

October 2020

Erik Gartzke and Jon Lindsay: "The Influence of Sea Power on Politics: Domain- and Platform-Specific Attributes of Material Capabilities"