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The Center for Peace and Security Studies (cPASS) supports and monitors funded research, graduate training, and campus outreach at UCSD in the subject of peace and international security.

T.V. Paul (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

The National Security Policy Speaker Series (NSPSS) hosted by cPASS and GPS at UCSD, and the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (NPEC) presents T.V. Paul (McGill University) - "Understanding India’s Quest for Great Power Status" - Friday, January 22, 2021 at 12:00PM PST

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cPASS Publications

Journal of Conflict Resolution

December 2020

J. Andres Gannon and Daniel Kent: "Keeping Your Friends Close, but Acquaintances Closer: Why Weakly Allied States Make Committed Coalition Partners"

Erik Gartzke

September 2020

Erik Gartzke and Patrick Hulme: The Tyranny of Distance: Assessing and Explaining the Apparent Decline in U.S. Military Performance

Sea Power on Politics

October 2020

Erik Gartzke and Jon Lindsay: "The Influence of Sea Power on Politics: Domain- and Platform-Specific Attributes of Material Capabilities"